Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal,
465, Mont-Royal avenue East, Montreal


Opening: Thursday, August 24th, 5-7pm
Hypnosis performances : September 2nd, 16th and 13th, 1-4pm

Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal
August 24th - October 8th 2023

> Between 1-5 PM


"A Piece of Cake evokes a wedding banquet, with its magnificent central cake, accompanied by the dessert table, offering a variety of delicious and refined pastries. However, hidden beneath the layers of icing are piles of hair, bone, blood...

These frightful sweets reveal how the institution of marriage all too often serves to conceal violence against women. Erased by layers of cream, many married women live a life of violence. Through satire and irreverence, the exhibition challenges the myth that the institution of marriage is a symbol of happiness."

From the curator's text.


The artist would like to thank Joyce Yahouda, the team at Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal and Art Souterrain for supporting the project in 2019 and making this installation possible.

The artist will hold three hypnosis performances in the exhibition space on Saturdays, September 2, 16 and 30, from 1 to 4 pm.

Lipani Gallery - Fordham University,
113, 60th street West, New York (USA)

Opening: Friday, June 23rd, 5-7 pm

Fabrizio Perozzi, Raya Bruckenthal, Manuela de Leonardis, Richard Demarco, Felice Hapetzeder, Paul Malone, Tomasz Matuszak, Anibal Pella-Woo, Doron Polak, Nicola Rae, Maayan Tsadka, Dzintars Zilgalvis, Kriss Zilgalvis


Lipani Gallery - Fordham University
June 23rd - July 28th 2023

> Between 9 AM - 5 PM

Projects selected and created by BALCONY: International Network of Curators

Curatorial Team: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock, Drorit Gur Arie, Michael Lazar, Doron Polak, and Joyce Yahouda.

Organizer: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock

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Galerie les Trois-C,
7644, Édouard street, LaSalle, QC

Galerie les Trois-C
June 14th - July 14th 2023

> Between 9-5 PM

Underneath the attractive appearance, discover the gritty universe of artist Céline B. La Terreur in this exhibition which, using the theme of the wedding banquet, denounces violence against women.

Maison de la culture de Maisonneuve,
4200, Ontario East, Montreal, QC

March 25 – April 23, 2023
Opening: Saturday, March 25th, 2-4 pm

Maison de la culture de Maisonneuve
March 25th - April 23rd 2023

> Between 1-5 PM

Thinking Ahead Forum - with the International Artists Museum and Sagol School of Neuroscience

Scientists / Artists Talking Art Through Senses

Thinking Ahead is a Forum established by a panel of scientists who are members of the artistic community of Israel. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for scientists and artists around the world, advancing both disciplines through in-depth collaboration and an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Curators :
Doron Polak
Rony Griffit
Henie Westbrook

Production :
Iris Elhanani

Advisory Planning Team :
Yehudah Roth
Joyce Yahouda

Participants :
Sergio Antonino, Michel Afargan, Revital Arbel, Itamar Beglikter, Evan Bellin, Amos Blas, Chanchal Banga, Omri Goren, Nitza Genosar, Rony Griffit, Joshua Griffit, Uri de-Beer, Shahar Davis, Norma Drimmer, Sharon Assa-Hillei, Tirza Valentain, Elad Zada, Lior Zalmanson, Eden Hevroni, Daniel Landau, Michael Lazar, Dafna Moriya, Shahar Marcus, Mira Marcus Kalish, Dan Svorai, Ran Slavin, Doron Polak, Ruth Paporish Weinstein, Michel Platnik, Uriel Tzvi Halevi, Avi KAiser, Maeir Rakocz, Avi Rozen, Yehudah Roth, Oded Rechavi, Dafna Shalom, Avi Sperber, Tamar Shori.

Céline B. La Terreur, David Bloor, Joseph Dadoune, Norma Drimme, Guy Goldstein, Ondřej Líbal, Paul Malone, Jenny Marketou, Brian McClave, Nicola Rae, Dafna Shalom, Ran Slavin, Alexandra Torres Novoa, Aviad Zinemanas, Dor Zlekha Levy

Transmission - A project by BALCONY

International Travelling Exhibition
Head Curator: Drorit Gur-Arie
Montreal Producer: Joyce Yahouda

Transmission presents 14 digital print works by 15 artists, as well as 9 curators from 7 countries.


ReTransmission - A project by Joyce Yahouda

Curator and Producer: Joyce Yahouda

ReTransmission presents 10, three-dimensional works by Canadian artists based on the theme of Transmission.

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Thursday Oct. 17, Friday Oct. 18, Saturday Oct. 19.

Thursday Oct. 24, Friday Oct. 25.

From 12 – 5 p.m.

Performance: Saturday, October 26, from 12 – 5 p.m.

That day, the space will be modified to accommodate an appropriation of Jean Cocteau’s monodrama, The Human Voice (1930). The text will be interpreted by 4 different actors, including the artist himself.

Join us for a drink from 5 to 6 p.m.!


1134, Ste Catherine O. # 770

H3B 1H4, Montreal, QC, Canada

Metro: Peel

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naakita feldman-kiss, Céline B. La Terreur

When Doron Polak and Iris Elhanani invited me, as guest curator, to participate in the exhibition Beyond the Veil, an international artistic project aimed at promoting women's empowerment by women artists, I immediately thought of two multidisciplinary artists, Céline B. La Terreur and naakita feldman-kiss.

The exhibition Beyond the Veil examines contemporary issues, by presenting works by women artists, poets, writers, activists, and journalists, who, through their different practices, question not only the modes of consumption, production, and rituals, but also society’s inequalities, access to ethics, freedom of choice, taking into account the consequences that this entails.

As invited curator for the Art Souterrain Festival, I invite you to come and discover the five artists whose work I am thrilled to present (Alexander Pilis, Céline B. La Terreur, Edward Hillel, Perry Bard, Vincent Lafrance). 

I invite you for the different vernissages taking place on Saturday March 2nd, 2019, at The Observatory of Place Ville Marie, World Trade Center of Montréal and at Palais des Congrés de Montréal; starting at 6 pm.

Alexander Pilis @ Observatoire Place Ville Marie
Céline B. La Terreur @ Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles
Edward Hillel @ Palais des congrès de Montréal
Perry Bard @ Centre de commerce mondial de Montréal
Vincent Lafrance @ Centre de commerce mondial de Montréal


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