Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Alas! In This Prison Must I Stick?, 2015

Oil on canvas

80 x 60 cm / 31.5 x 23.6 in

Daniel Horowitz’s work is characterized by a unique combination of realism and surrealist abstraction. In many of his compositions, faceless human figures work against backdrops of bizarre landscapes, mundane architecture or chimerical scenes. Horowitz's imagery alters the original nature of objects and scale, creating overall dreamlike atmospheres. Twisted and stretched objects or body parts rendered in vibrant colors channel the surreal while examining contemporary reality, social anxieties and displaced identity.


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One Hundred Crowned Masterpieces of Painting, 2015

Collage book (paper, glue)

46 x 33.5 cm / 18.1 x 13.2 in

Text by the artist:

« The new work I am presenting for this exhibition, the One Hundred Crowned Masterpieces of Painting collage book, began as a receptacle for my uncensored thoughts. A private place of immediate and intuitive reactions to an apparently impenetrable and authoritative hard-covered book with doublure binding and gilt edges about “One Hundred Crowned and Laurelled Masterpieces of Modern Painting”. »


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Après Evangelion, 2015

Video still

6 min 51 s

« While the well-known anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion has a highly organic mystical ending, Julie Tremble’s most recent video, After Evangelion, takes us on a journey through a world made up of drifting fragments of rationality. Tremble’s new explorations continue her research into the ways in which outer space is represented, using images inspired by documentaries and science-fiction films, and graphics taken from scientific articles. The video centres on the blurred line that separates observation from reality, its reconstitution, and fiction. The representations are distinctly mysterious, reminding us that, in terms of physics and metaphysics, the meaning of our world lies beyond our stratosphere.

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