Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Bank of Canada 100$
Digital print - 2015

Full text by curator Pierre Beaudoin :

«In his practice as in his everyday life, Moridja Kitenge Banza is a passionate history buff. For the artist, the documented events of the past play an essential role in determining a nation’s character, identity, and soul. Dealing with sociopolitical and economic issues from sources that go back in time, his work demands a historical perspective.»

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The Stranger Who Licked Salt Back into our eyes
Video, 2011, 5 min

The video tells the fictional story of a stranger who arrives in a land to search for himself and his love. He brings with him knowledge which on the one hand is enlightening but on the other is a burden.

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Cri radio 28 encre
Mixed media - 2013

Nathalie Rodach questions the relationship between Man and his fate. For the exhibition Cris et Féminités, Rodach weaves links between the spiritual, the organic, and the trivial. In the series Féminités (Femininities), through weaving, Rodach explores life’s paths and the questioning of women.

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