Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Carré rouge N. 1, 2016, Watercolor on paper,

30 x 22 in

Composed of watercolors and sculptures, The Whole World Has Gone Joyously Mad is an installation by Nadine Faraj, inspired by female activists who use their nudity as a means to protest. According to the artist, this is a way for these women to draw attention to the cause they are fighting for. However it also makes them more vulnerable to the possible reactions of the public, often already hostile to their presence and their tactics.

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Skyfall, 2016,  Acrylic on canvas,

59 x 78 in

Sébastien Worsnip’s series of paintings presented in ​​the exhibition Real Men Don’t Look at Explosions depicts moments of explosion, focusing on the instant where all is in flux in order to observe the transformations.

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Sérénade: la dernière marche du roi qui refuse de mourir,
© Jean-Sébastien Veilleux

Serenade tune the frequency of Elvis, born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and disappeared from the world in 1977, if we believe the official version. Is he reincarnated through the has-been suburbs material, industrial parks and shopping malls? On a synthetic grass carpet, borrowed from a mini-golf, an empty oil barrel is attached to a lift rescued from a manufacture. Perforated in the manner of a score for piano, mallets vibrates on the tubes, endlessly repeating a detuned version of Are you lonesome tonight. Serenade is the jukebox of solitudes, fueled by the mystery of Elvis.

-From Daniel Canty text: Simple Machines (2012) 

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