Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Pierre Ayot, Attention! Haute tension, 1978

Pierre Ayot, Paterson Ewen, Denis Juneau, Stéphane La Rue, Guido Molinari, Alana Riley, Andrea Szilasi, Claude Tousignant, Julie Tremble

« At Joyce Yahouda Gallery, the exhibition Push and Pull is one part of the major Pierre Ayot retrospective (1943-1995) that I organized in a number of venues [...]
I want to turn the usual reading of Ayot’s practice inside out, like one would do with a pullover or with a sock, in order to show the ‘’seams’’ of his work.[...]

In this exhibition titled Push and Pull,by exhibiting some of Ayot’s artworks alongside other works by artists from different generations, who are more openly associated with formalistic issues, the curator wish to highlight how Ayot also explored and provided an original reflection about an artwork’s materiality.» 
- Excerpt from the text of curator Nicolas Mavrikakis
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Laurent Mulot, Lovers Journey, 2015

Laurent Mulot, Porthole Eye, 2015

The videograms Lovers Journey and Porthole Eyes were created by Laurent Mulot during his residency at Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie. Mulot made these artworks on a cargo boat travelling from Gaspesie to Côte-Nord, at latitude + – 49° 29’. They are part of a larger project started in 2001 called Middle of Nowhere, that takes place on 6 continents.

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