Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Cosmologie interne 3, Drawing on paper mounted on canvas, 2014-2016

Massimo Guerrera is interested in what comes of his encounters with others in various contexts, whether that is in the entrepreneurial world (Polyco), in the context of one's home (Porus), or in the exhibition space (Darboral). For his recent series La réunion des pratiques, which began in 2007, he reflects on what occurs during the different steps involved in setting up an exhibition.

In the exhibition Un moment donné (entre la galerie et la maison), Guerrera explores the trajectory of the work, from its creation to its distribution. In an unprecedented way, he invites the public to make appointments for encounters in his studio/home, or behind the scenes at the Gallery.

The artist is available on Tuesdays, at 12pm, 1:30pm, and 3pm at the Gallery, as well as on Thursdays, at 12pm, 1:30 pm, and 3pm at the artist's studio. 

To make an appointment with the artist, please call us at (514)875-2323. Maximum of 3 participants per appointment.

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Staring at the Sun, media installation:
immersive HD video projection
with surround soundscape, 


What we see of the world results from a complex interplay of unstable systems. Vision is a wondrous affair, navigating the line between acts of deciphering and of creating. Our perceived surroundings are a collection of images formed through the intricate workings of our senses, and the impressions prescribed by mood, memory and so much more.

There is no fixed reality; it is a product of myriad conditions, which at times conflict. Vast knowledge can be derived from sight, but is it ever the same for us all? From one instance to another? How much of what we see is actual? How much is fabricated?

Staring at the Sun poses these questions through an immersive experience in which we are asked to consider the visible spectrum. Here, color is both perceived and produced by the body and mind. What we see reflects at once the light of the rainbow and its negative. The limits between the tangible and the imagined collapse into a dizzied blur of color and invisibility.

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