Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Nika Fontaine, Schnell Schnell #10 (2015)

Glitter on canvas

Nika Fontaine’s work deals boldly with the viewer’s visual perceptions as well as their cultural ones, enacting an exploration of spirituality that elevates the use of glitter to a metaphysical level.  

Combining a direct embrace of camp tropes and would-be kitsch materials with an intense regard on the sublime and the beautiful, she makes art that eliminates the distinction between the authentic and the artificial, in order to both celebrate and interrogate our multifaceted lives as embodied and psychological beings.


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Pink Village is a video and photographic work that questions ideas of aid and assistance on the continent of Africa. It is a documentation of a performance where Monosov acts the part of Westerner and the villagers act their lives for her camera; all communicated through a veil of irony.

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