Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Detail 1, (2015), iron powder, mirror, magnets

« In his exhibition Causalité, the artist presents a series of sculptures and drawings related to the idea of “cause and effect.” In the artworks exhibited, the materials are highlighted, as well as their transformation due to physical phenomena. Dulude tries to “recreate” the object; once it is produced, the piece does not represent the final work, but rather, a process of construction or deconstruction. The artwork therefore becomes the vehicle of a reaction through time. »

Text by the artist

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La maison de  Septo et Mirmi, (2015), Ink-jet print

For the exhibition À la lueur de Bébé Lune, the artist presents holograms and a series of photographs created using handmade models. He reworks his images using digital processing tools in order to give his fictitious universe a realistic feel with a tinge of fantasy.

« In zipertatou’s world, you can enter through the door. It’s as simple as that. Once inside, you can explore this imaginary space that can barely contain itself, freely, with indescribable pleasure. It overflows from the frames, and onto the gallery walls. » (Exerpt from Marie-Andrée Houde's text)

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Incubator, (2013), video still

«The video is the high point of a lengthy botanical/art project, during which I was documenting the sprouting of white bean seeds in a series of stills. The film was edited from a sequence of individual images taken at regular intervals, a technique called time lapse.

The result is a heartrending complete lifecycle. The seeds are like living creatures, with the desire and the ability to move, starting as white spiders and transforming into delicate swans flying into death.» (Exerpt from Inbal Hoffman's text) 

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Inbal Hoffman, Incubator, (2013), video still

Round Table

In collaboration with Art Souterrain

Joyce Yahouda Gallery welcomes israeli curator Carmit Blumensohn and israeli artists Inbal Hoffman, Maya Landman et Meirav Svirsky

February 27, 2015
Friday, February 27, 2015, 4pm

As part of a collaboration with Art Souterrain, a round table with the three Israeli artists Maya Landman, Merav Svirsky and Inbal Hoffman led by Carmit Blumensohn on the theme of security in our society will take place at Joyce Yahouda Gallery on Friday, February 27, 2015, at 4pm.

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