Joyce Yahouda Gallery

MAGCAC caretakers, (2008), digital print

‘’Laurent Mulot offers us a work that was unseen before taking the form of a long term experience called “Middle of Nowhere”. “Middle of Nowhere”, a work encompassing the whole artist’s production, is a tale opening with the Ghost Contemporary Art Centers that the artist created all over the world, on each continent: Australia, China, France, Latin America, Morocco, Antarctica and soon enough in ISS (International Space Station).’’ (Abdelkader Damani)

In this exhibition, Laurent Mulot presents a series of photographs of the ghost contemporary art centers as well as a sculpture entitled Now Melting Here. The work Now Melting Here was created following the last installation of the 6th art center, located in Antartica. In parallel with the development of the project – six centers on six continents – ice moulded into the letters ANTGCAC (Antarctic Ghost Contemporary Art Center) melts according to the surrounding climate, above an oval mirror, thus referring to issues of global climate change.

Saturday May 16 and Saturday May 30 : Special event with presence of the artist.

The public can observe the letters cast in ice melt from the work Now Melting and speak with the artist Laurent Mulot.

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Optical Lapse Apparatus(2015) Installation, Real time media sculpture

For the exhibition Architecture Parallax : Optical Lapse Apparatus, Alexander Pilis presents an installation composed of four cameras situated in the four corners of the exhibition room, emitting in real time the space as well as the visitors onto a glass construction thus virtually recreating the exhibition space with the participating public.                                           

Through his work, the artist explores the theorem of the Parallax – meaning the effect of the change in position of the observer on the observation of an object – to offer the possibility of perceiving the space, and the visitor’s interaction with it, in four different yet simultaneous ways

In dialogue with the installation, the artist presents the series Blind Slippage, six humoristic prints displaying storyboards, which reflect the artist’s investigation linking language with image.

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